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Uniform Care



Dobok is the uniform worn by practitioners of Korean martial arts. Do means "way" and bok means "clothing." 

When you train in your dobok, there are similarities that can be found between the current dobok and the ancient Korean traditional clothing. The style of the uniform we wear, a white uniform with trim around the borders and sleeves (for dans), dates back to the ancient warriors of Korea.Today we maintain the white color to show purity, reverence for life, and commitment to avoid bloodshed and violence. The midnight blue represents the belief that, although we have attained a certain level of proficiency, we still have much more to learn.The uniform is tied due to historical significance. The uniform’s left lapel crosses over the right,so that the right hand could get to a concealed weapon in the dobok. This practice dates back to the days of the samurai, when secret weapons were carried in the dobok, as well as those carried around the waist. In addition, the crossed-over lapels were also meant to help the samurai with cutting trajectories during their duels. A “figure eight” pattern/symbol (∞), which signifies infinity, is also formed around the neck and back. The uniforms are tied (left over right) in the same way for both male and female students. 

1. Lay jacket down as shown

3. Fold right sleeve in

5. Fold right side to center

7. Fold lengthwise once more

2. Place folded pants in center and fold bottom
part up so it is even with bottom of jacket

4. Fold left sleeve in

6. Fold left side to center

8. Fold in half from bottom

9. Wrap with belt and tie once

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