Proud Member of The International Tang Soo Do Federation

We are proud members of the International Tang Soo Do Federation, led by Grandmaster Chun Sik Kim. This school meets the high standards of martial arts instruction set by this organization.

Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim began training in Tang Soo
Do in Busan South Korea at the age of 8. After much determination and under Grandmaster Young Suk’s tutelage, he earned his black belt two years later. After immigrating to the United States, he founded the International Tang Soo Do Federation in 1984, creating a standardization of instruction to ensure that Tang Soo Do continues to be taught in its original form.

With unending dedication, time and patience, Choong Jae Nim C.S. Kim has brought the peace and harmony of traditional Tang Soo Do into the lives of thousands of practitioners. The I.T.F. is an organization of martial artists who believe in the preservation of traditional values and standards. As President and founder, Choong Jae Nim C.S. Kim has appointed a Board of Directors to assist him in maintaining standards of excellence. Each director is a Tang Soo Do Master of superb technical ability with a deep spiritual commitment to the preservation of traditional Tang Soo Do.

A Central Headquarters has been established in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, and
all instructors and students are encouraged to visit and enjoy the opportunity
to train and learn under Grandmaster C.S. Kim.

The I.T.F. has instituted a program of guidelines and standardization to maximize the benefits for all practitioners. This standardization includes not only the technical aspects of Tang Soo Do, but also the methods of instruction as applied by each I.T.F.
registered and certified Kyo Sa Nim (instructor) worldwide. 


The International Tang Soo Do Federation has utilized several avenues of media to
assist in maintaining standardization of training and instruction. Choong Jae Nim
C.S. Kim has produced a series of five videos, highly educational and
recommended to all Tang Soo Do practitioners. These videos cover Basic
Techniques, One-step Sparring, Breaking and Hyung (Forms). The International
Tang Soo Do Federation also produces a newsletter, "The Tang Soo Times," in
which history, philosophy and technical information are discussed. Coverage of
current events such as seminars, tournaments and tests are also included.
Articles are submitted by senior instructors and students.

Consistency of training and instruction is established through technical clinics, tournaments and business seminars which are held periodically throughout the United States. Chong Jae Nim C.S. Kim takes great joy in attending and instructing these events personally, along with senior Master Instructors from around the world.

For more information visit the International Tang Soo Do Federation web site.





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