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Tang Soo Do Principles

1. Responsibility

2. Sincerity

3. Justice 

Guidance Policy of Tang Soo Do

1. Protect the Art Of Tang Soo Do with Justice

2. Cultivate character and personality through training         for discipline. 

3. Unity through sincerity and courtesy.

Ten Articles of Faith

Be Loyal to your Country

Be Obedient to your Parents

Be Loving between Husband and Wife

Be Cooperative between Brothers

Be Respective to your Elders

Be Faithful between Teacher and Student

Be Faithful between Friends

Know the Difference Between Good And Evil 

Never Retreat in Battle

Always Finish what you Start

5 Requisites of Mental Training


1. Oneness with nature


2. Complete awareness of environment


3. Experience


4. Conscience


5. Culture



11 Points of Emphasis on Mental Training


1. Reverence for nature.


2. Physical concentration (Ki Aup)


3. Courtesy


4. Modesty


5. Thanfulness


6. Self-Sacrifice


7. Cultivate courage


8. Chastity


9. Be strong inside and mild outside


10. Endurance


11. Reading ability





5 Requisites of Physical Training


  1. Contact with natural surroundings.

  2. Contact with diverse physical conditions.

  3. Suitable nourishment

  4. Suitable exercise

  5. Suitable rest


11 Points of Emphasis  on Physical Training 

  1. Vocal exhalation for thoracic strength (Ki-up)

  2. Focus of sight

  3. Continuous balance during movements

  4. Flexibility of the body

  5. Correct muscle tone for maximum power

  6. High and low speed technique

  7. Exactness of technique

  8. Adjustment for proper distance

  9. Proper breathing for endurance

  10. Conditioning hands and feet



Matters of Special Attention While Training


  1. The purpose of training should be the enhancement of the mental and physical self.

  2. Sincerity is necessary

  3. Effort is necessary

  4. Consistent schedule during practice

  5. Do your best while training

  6. Train in the spirit of Tang Soo Do

  7. Regularly spaced practice sessions

  8. Obey without objection of the word of instructors or seniors: look and learn

  9. Do not be overly ambitious

  10. Pay attention to every aspect of your training

  11. Pay attention to the order of training

  12. Get step by step instructions on new forms and techniques

  13. Try to conquer when you feel idleness

  14. Cleanliness is desired after practice is finished





Concepts and Philosophies in Tang Soo Do


Basic Ideology – “Harmony between the mind and body”

YONG GI – Courage

IN NEH – Endurance

CHUNG JIK – Honesty

KYUM SON – Humility

HIM CHO CHUNG – Control of Power

SHIN CHOOK – Tension and relaxation

WAN GUP – Speed control


CHUNG SHIN TONG IL – Concentration; The mind and body as one.

TANG SOO DO CHUNG SHIN – Mind and body as one in Tang Soo Do spirit

IL KYUCK PIL SAL – One technique to finish

NEH GUNG – Internal power or control in exercise

WEH GUNG – External power or control in exercise

SHIM GUNG – Spiritual power or control in exercise


SHI SUN – Focus of eyes or direction of line of sight



KYONG – Wisdom

JUL – Keen Judgment

KUN – Courage and confidence

KIN – Effort and sincerity


YU JANG – From the heart




                                                                                                   PYONG AHN

                                          Well balanced, calm, peaceful                                             Safe, confident, comfortable

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