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Our School Come Join Us!


​ In a world where families have less time for each other, here is one activity that brings them all together. Many parents who have enrolled their children in martial arts have joined in themselves.

It's a terrific source of fun, togetherness and family spirit. So come and try C S Kim Karate, Tang Soo Do and enjoy the family atmosphere!

Families can benefit from taining together at C. S. Kim Karate.





By learning our curriculum, students increase flexibility, improve hand-to-eye coordination, and gain strength in their upper and lower body. While practicing karate, students become more aware of their surroundings, lengthen their attention span, gain focus on tasks assigned, and have fun at the same time! That is the beauty of martial arts training. We keep it fun, yet challenging, so your child keeps coming back for more. It is our job to motivate, discipline, and provide positive reinforcement to our students. Our curriculum consists of twelve levels prior to black belt. As a student progresses through our program the goals they are to achieve become more and more demanding. This system enables the student to set and achieve a clearly defined goal.


Getting fit with Martial Arts at C. S. Kim Karate.
Give your children Confidence at C. S. Kim Karate.


  Martial arts training early in life can help a child develop into a mature adult. Starting a child in the martial arts helps them gain confidence, strength, learn discipline, improve both mental and physical capabilities and develop determination early in life. These assets are easily transferred to both the classroom and home environments. With active parental involvement, our instructors are able to teach children much more than just kicking and punching. It is important to us that the students we teach have a positive attitude both inside and outside the studios (dojangs). The children as well as the adults, are taught that fighting is not the answer. They are instructed to defend themselves only if the situation cannot be avoided. The first response to a confrontation is to turn and leave. Confrontation should only occur when you have no other choice but to defend yourself.




The children in our classes take exceptional pride in achieving their goals and earning their belts/ranks. They enjoy the feeling of hard work, accomplishment and overcoming obstacles. The involvement of family in the classes adds to these feelings of pride. Come in and try a class (the first class is free) or just observe. Talk to the other students and their parents; discuss your questions with the Instructors and see for yourself the benefits that Tang Soo Do training can provide for your child and for yourself.​​

Children learn to set goal at C. S. Kim Karate a Traditional Korean Martial Art.
C. S. Kim Karate teaches, Confidence, Self Esteem, Self Defense, and Self Awareness.

Special Message To Parents

Professionals and physicians agree: Tang Soo Do will help your child become the best he or she can be! One way to show true love toward your children is to give the the power of confidence, self-esteem and self-defense at an early age. Tang Soo Do can help build the strength necessary to negate the peer pressure our young people face in today's society. this could be a priceless gift for those you love. Give your child the gift of physical and mental strength at C. S. Kim Karate. It would please us greatly and be our honor to guide your children in the Traditional art of Tang Soo Do. no one is better equipped to teach your children!

Training Area ( Do Jang)

Our traing floor is covered with a 1.5 inch thick cushioned mat to reduce high impact.  

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