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What To Look For


At C. S. Kim Karate,  the Traditional Korean Art of Tang Soo Do we want you to be sure you know what you are getting into when joining a class taught by a martial arts instructor. We understand that looking for a good and qualified martial arts instructor can be as difficult as finding a family physician. So we have provided a few questions for you to ask before beginning any martial arts routine:


What international affiliations does the instructor have? 

Who does he/she train under? And their international affiliations? 

What master-instructor comes to do the testing? 

Can you see his/her black belt certificate? 

Can you see his/her instructor’s license? 

Can you see his/her studio license? 

Where does he/she train? 

And how often does he/she go for training?



 If he/she cannot answer these questions then there could be a problem.

There are many, self proclaimed, "instructors" out there whom are not qualified and wind up doing more harm than good to their students. All of our instructors here at C. S. Kim Karate are available to answer any of these questions and produce the documentation to back it up

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