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Melissa Long ,  21 Alive Anchor


Melissa has been an on-air personality in Ft. Wayne since 1984. She currently anchors the 5 pm newscast on WPTA TV 21 Alive and the 6pm and 11pm newscasts on WPTA, 21 Alive and WISE 33. She has appeared in numerous theatrical productions at IPFW and First Presbyterian Theatre and has performed with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic. Her hobbies include playing the piano, violin and banjo. Melissa loves to cook for family and friends. She also holds a second degree black belt.

Starting training at C.S. Kim Karate was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  I began at age 42 with my son and the personal growth and sense of accomplishment I felt as I progressed had such a positive impact on my life. I became stronger, more flexible and more balanced. I felt more courageous in other areas of my life and the closeness I shared with my son because of our participation in class was wonderful.


There is a great sense of family at the school and it's instructors are talented and excel at individual attention.

I would recommend this school without hesitation!


Melissa Long

Shane & Jill Powley Haskins



We have begun to see Caleb have more self confidence and pride in himself. He's learning that it's ok to fail as long as he keeps trying. We are also seeing him realize that there is a grey area and that not everything is black and white. 

Shane and I have found another support for our family. We don't have family close by, and it's always nice to know that we have others in our life that we can call on for help if we need it. When Caleb starts giving us attitude or doing things he shouldn't do, we just threaten to talk to Sa Bom Nim (Master) and that stops the behavior in it's tracks!

Mike Rowland,

Owner of Animal Training & Development.


He has been serving Fort Wayne since 1988 and have trained over 18,000 dogs. Our goal is to help make bad dogs good and good dogs better. We have experience in most every type of training and can solve nearly any problem behavior using time proven safe and effective methods.

I always wanted to take karate and get a black belt. But, my parents could not afford it when I was little. So I had to wait til I was 35 years old to begin training. It was not easy and I'm glad it was hard. If it were easy, then it would not mean much getting a black belt to me. It took me almost six years to achieve my childhood dream. Looking back, the journey to the black belt brings me better memories than the day I actually held it in my hands for the first time. My advice to anyone that has the desire to get their own black belt is this;


1. Train hard! Don't plan time to train, train all the time. I would go through Hyung's in my mind just driving to work. I would practice self defense with anyone that would be willing to help anywhere I was. My dogs even helped me train for one step sparring.

2. Stay teachable! You will never live long enough to learn it all. Think about why Tang Soo Do has a midnight blue belt instead of black. Honor that concept and you will do well!


3. Remember it's not just physical, but Spiritual training. I joined karate at a very difficult time in my life. Karate helped me stay on course and I think God used it to teach me many things I still use today. Let God use Tang Soo Do to train you how to live life better. It's amazing how many things you can learn! Tang Soo!

 Lakshmi Aggarwal, MD


Dr. Aggarwal joined Fort Wayne Medical Oncology and Hematology in 1999 after completing her fellowship in hematology and oncology at Brown University School of Medicine in Providence, Rhode Island. She has a keen interest in research and sees that her patients benefit from the latest treatment advances. She currently is working towards her 2nd degree black belt.

 I have been with C.S Kim Karate School for over 71/2 years. I originally joined the school because some of my friends were students there. The first 5 years or so I enjoyed the physical exercise and general feeling of well being from a good workout. Within the first 10 minutes of class the day's stresses seemed to melt away and I always walked out of class feeling remarkably better than when I walked in. Over the past couple of years I have noticed the practice has become both mental and physical and the effects  and benefits have spilled over into my professinal and personal life. I am much calmer, more balanced and better able to juggle all the balls that modern day parents have to juggle and not feel burdened by the stress.

 The scientist in me had to analyze the cause of this change. Was it just better time management, just getting older and coping with life's stresses better or something else going on? I think the training is rigorous enough that it teaches one something more about their own mind and body, a better awareness of strengths and weaknesses. I do believe the practice has taught me humility and ability to forgive myself [ when you cannot be perfect at techniques but continue to strive to improve.] The endorpins produced by the exercise clearly make one feel better.

Why Tang Soo Do over other forms of exercise? Tang Soo Do is a traditional system which has been preserved and passed down through centuries, it has stood the test of time. It is a dynamic system  which is constantly being adapted to contemporary times by accomplished  and wise practitioners such as Grand Master Kim and the Technical advisory team. The traditional forms have been maintained but defense techniques are constantly adapted to suit current times, this makes them safer and more beneficial for the students.

 Very important part of training is clearly the teacher. A passionate teacher who is experienced,  meticulous, gives clear and concise instructions and demonstration, has a keen eye, one who tailors teaching to individual students and gets students to do exercises they didn't think they were capable of is a gold mine and a blessing. I have been fortunate enough to travel to a few seminars and meet teachers from other school and I have to say I am proud to be a part of this school. Coming to class at the end of a busy day or at the end of the week is definitely a highlight. The other students in the class make exercising feel like a fun group activity and not a chore.


Tang Soo Sir. 


Paul Meyers Jr., P.E.


Shambaugh & Son, L.P.


As President and Chief Operating Officer, Paul is accountable for the Corporate Operations of the entire organization which is currently comprised of over 1500 employees.  Paul has nearly 20 years of experience at Shambaugh. He spent the first 13 years of his career with Shambaugh as an on-site project engineer and project manager. Paul earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Food Process Engineering from Purdue University and is a registered Professional Engineer in multiple states.

“Tang Soo!”   The welcoming salutation that practitioners of Tang Soo Do share with each other whenever and wherever they meet.   I have studied various martial art forms throughout my adult life and 3 years ago began searching for a martial art form to start my sons in training.  My younger son was 5 and my older son was 7.  At the time, there weren’t many schools that would allow a 5 year old to begin training.  Having trained in both “soft” and “hard” martial art forms, I knew that I enjoyed the “hard” styles and wanted to train with my boys. I found CS Kim on-line and made the call.  Training for the first time with my sons was a range of emotions from scared to proud.  I remember very well every test I’ve taken with my sons.  The joy I feel when they properly perform their forms with emotion.  The pride when they broke their first board and the sadness and tears when they didn’t break a board.   The thoughtfulness of Sa Bom Nim, Kyo Sa Nim, and the other black belt instructors is felt always while still commanding discipline. The instructors know very well the abilities of each student and push each individually to do their best.  The training is hard work both mentally and physically but also very rewarding when you are pushed and able to accomplish things you may not have believed you could.  The physical and mental discipline and training make everything in life better.  Respect, responsibility and self-discipline are emphasized always.
I believe Sa Bom Nim is one of the very best martial arts instructors in the world.  He is able to show you, and not just tell you how and why stances, kicks, and self-defense are performed.  International Tang Soo Do is great stress relief, a physical workout, and fun for the whole family.  Part of the family is what you become when you join CS KIM Karate.

Paul Meyers Jr., P.E.

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